Free Video Editor, Vivavideo for PC Free Download

The vivavideo is one of the best and most popular tools of video editing which allows everyone around for working with the images and videos to create their own video montage directly on the android device. In their main menu of the same, one can select the option if they want to record their video directly from this app. Or in case you want to pass the phase of montage directly by using the videos and photos. In case you make a selection of second option, further you need to choose the images or videos that you would like to add on to videos.

As soon as you select the material of multimedia which you want to utilize, you can start using the tools which Viva Video has to offer. One can cut or past the videos in simple form, add different transition types, apply different filters and much more. It is one of the comprehensive video editors for the android section that allows all for achieving some of the surprising results. Additionally, as soon as you finish videos, one can share automatically the same on their choice of social sites as Instagram, Snap Chat, FaceBook, YouTube, and others. You can try the same now and earn limitless likes on your video.

The vivavideo apk is the simple as well as fun video editor which makes the videos on move. If you are feeling like adding the snappy effect as the storyboard effects, slow motion or want to give a noir film touch to the same then this can allow you doing all such things with its best editing skills. It even includes the standard effects as the transition, filters, music, audio and more. in case you want some more then you can download the same from the developer’s site. You must also make a point as until unless you upgrade, the videos will have a watermark on them.

The number one free video editing app:

Yes, the Viva Video is one of the free and best video editor or maker around. It allows people in customizing as well as capturing of the photos from the android device. A different number of the visual effects is available for the purpose. Some of the key features of this app includes following as,

  • Capturing: you just need to take a picture. It uses the camera of embedded mobile. Users can easily add on the visual filters for the same. The video capturing is one of the alternatives which comes with this same app.
  • Editing: this is one of the components that hold the editing track for performing different editing on result sequences. One can apply the standard editing commands as the cut, copy and the paste.
  • Added: this program also provide the possibility of integrating the audio track on file which gets processed. It can also be selected from user personal files
  • Customization: for final rendering till evoking of creative qualities of every person, this app called as vivavideo allows the addition of the texts as well as titles. vivavideo for pc download